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Have you prepared the paper towels for the Spring Festival stalls in the car circle?

Source: China Automotive News Network | 2020-01-22 08:36:13
The footsteps of the Spring Festival are getting closer and closer. I believe that all those who drift outside have the word "return home" in their hearts. It is not an exaggeration to say that the Spring Festival is an energy supply station for every Chinese, but at the same time, it is also a "competition field" for the marketing competition of automobile companies.

China Automotive News Network The footsteps of the Spring Festival are getting closer and closer. I believe that all those who drift outside have the word "home" in their hearts. It is not an exaggeration to say that the Spring Festival is an energy supply station for every Chinese, but at the same time, it is also a "competition field" for the marketing competition of automobile companies.

Say it is the first shot of the "New Year", or a perfect ending for the "All Year". Every Spring Festival is a golden marketing period for brand communication.

However, in the context of the information explosion, modern people's attention has become a scarce resource. Fortunately, as mobile phones and the Internet become better and better, the rise of micro-movies has also allowed car companies to see a new trend in Chinese New Year marketing.

This year, this trend continues. However, with the participation of more car companies and brands, there are also more tricks and gameplay.

In fact, marketing is to understand the target audience's life scenes, consumer preferences, etc., aim at their preferences, and request the design of corresponding interactive activities, so as to promote deeper interaction between the audience and the brand.

The ultimate goal is to deepen its own brand value, while increasing the original users' favorability of their own brand, it can also affect more potential consumers.

In other words, the core of automobile company marketing is to reach resonance with consumers, and this resonance is divided into emotional and product.

Obviously, this Spring Festival marketing campaign is an emotional marketing created by automobile companies using traditional Chinese customs. Then, in order to achieve better results, each brand will set a "tear" keyword in its Spring Festival marketing micro-movie, and use this to develop a strong sense of belonging for each owner and even prospective owners.

Today, "Qiabuchatan" shared with you several micro-movies released by different car companies, and also tried to analyze and analyze the "value" behind them.

Chery Automobile-`` How long have you never taken a family portrait? ''

Keywords: family portrait

Behind every "career madness", there is a strong child pretending to be strong. Maybe for the sake of dreams or a better life, many people often ignore the feelings of their family members, and they ca n’t go home and reunite even in the New Year.

Chery Automobile raised a heart-warming topic with a heartwarming micro movie: How long have you never made a family portrait?

What Chery Automobile wants to pass is to tell everyone that the road to struggle is endless, but what the family wants is simple. A reunion family portrait is enough to warm them all winter.

Therefore, this Spring Festival, may wish to stop walking forward and return to the family early. And Arize is the car that can take you to the distant dream, and can also take you to your family.

In fact, in the eyes of the "scrabbling talk", in the face of the car market that has been surrounded by the "cold current", Chery has been like a "career madness" for the whole year. Under various challenges and pressures, it surrendered against the trend Zhang has an excellent transcript of 745,000 annual sales.

All along, Chery's impression in everyone's mind is a representative of an independent brand "Technology Control". However, with the escalation of consumer trends and the age of car buyers, Chery has also launched some innovative marketing measures around youth in the past two years to further release the brand value.

As the main sales model of Chery aimed at the younger market, the Arrizo series sold 124,506 vehicles in 2019, a year-on-year increase of 11.8%. On the occasion of the Spring Festival, Chery also used the Arrizo as a link to connect the brand with the strugglers who worked hard outside. While conveying love, it also demonstrated its consistent care for users in a more vivid way.

When you hold the steering wheel, do you think the same thing?

BEIJING brand-"Warm 众彩网"

Keywords: send you home

On the evening of the 23rd of the lunar month, a small year in the northern traditional sense, a trip to the G4817 caring trains added by the BEIJING brand | Beijing Automobile & Beiqi New Energy Combined Railway 12306, China Railway, and Huaxia Travel Application will start from Beijing West Station.

And the passengers of this special train are those who have worked hard for 1,500 days and nights of the Beijing-Zhanghai-Zhejiang Railway builders, and some builders who have contributed to city construction and national development.

At the same time, a micro-movie called "Warm 众彩网" also quickly fermented in the circle of friends.

It is said that there are tens of thousands of roads in the world, and the most missed is the way home. In the past year, whether it is railway workers, ride-hailing drivers, courier brothers, mobile court judges, figure skaters ... it is each of them that paints a picture of the happiness of our city with simple persistence and unremitting struggle. .

However, in the face of the painful point of the Spring Festival Games, getting home has become a problem for many people. Therefore, as a state-owned enterprise in the capital, the BEIJING brand also took this opportunity to pave a warm and happy way home for these silent adherents through their own strength, so that they can reunite with their loved ones earlier this year.

"You dedicate your country, and I will send you home." I have to say that although this is a marketing activity, it is also the performance of the BEIJING brand's courage to assume social responsibility. This not only improves the reputation of the entire brand in the minds of consumers, but also makes marketing more warm.

On the other hand, from the point of view of the “steam talk”, the departure of this special train also symbolizes that the BEIJING brand will continue to move forward at a high speed in the product-up and brand-up track.

Take Beiqi New Energy as an example. In 2019, while BAIC New Energy won the championship of pure electric vehicle sales in China for seven consecutive years, it also further optimized and upgraded its product structure, focusing on creating new-generation mid-to-high-end models such as EU5 / EX5EX3 / EU7, and in various fields of travel. The big market segment achieved a comprehensive breakthrough.

All this will allow BAIC New Energy to lay a solid market foundation in the more mature 2020 of the new energy vehicle industry and a decade in the future.


Keywords: brave start

Unlike other car companies, the short film "Unexpected" launched by Cadillac is not just based on its own brand. It is more like a wave of warm-up for this year's New Year's film "Chinese Women's Volleyball".

In fact, improving brand image through cross-border cooperation with movies is not new to today's automotive brand marketing.

It's just that the most intuitive way for a car brand to sponsor a movie can only be a product, but the implanted product is difficult to impress, because most people watch movies and only care about the plot and the characters. Therefore, in addition to implantation, the meeting point between the brand and the movie theme is very important, so that we can find more communication points and achieve better marketing results.

In the film, the affectionate expressions of Lang Ping and Bai Lang's mother and daughter touched many people. In Bai Lang's view, the spirit of never giving up the women's volleyball team is also the source of her confidence to move forward independently.

In fact, as a century-old luxury brand, Cadillac's brand concept of "all greatness stems from a brave start" has many similarities with the spirit of the Chinese Women's Volleyball Team "Never Give Up".

More importantly, although it is only 7 minutes, the implantation of Cadillac in this video is more about the car as a warm carrier. This highlights that Cadillac is not only a luxurious "presidential car", but also a brand with temperature and depth.

To be honest, although the 2019 Cadillac has retained the position of the second camp of the luxury car market, the gap with the rear is narrowing. In addition to the objective factors brought about by the adjustment of the product structure, the decline in brand power has also caused a certain impact from the side.

In order to achieve the second take-off in the post-million era, Cadillac also adopted multiple measures in its marketing strategy. It enabled Hu Ge, Gu Tianle, and Lin Junjie to have their idols as their endorsement models, and strengthened "back drive is luxury." The differentiated positioning of the brand has quickly improved the brand image and influence in the hearts of young people.

Then this time together with "Chinese Women's Volleyball", Cadillac can not only show consumers more brand connotation, but also to a certain extent shows the determination of "no matter how strong the opponent is, go all out"

In general, car companies have expressed their own demands while satisfying consumer demands through a successful marketing, and finally achieved a win-win effect. Of course, as we said before, the campaign for Spring Festival marketing is all about emotional cards, and consumers ’support for brand emotions is still products.

In other words, any car company, a brand, is only responsible for its own products, is responsible for your users and every sentence passed to consumers.

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