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Thousands of New Year's return roads, Xin Baojun, the warmest and most reliable

Source: China Automotive News Network | 2020-01-21 08:12:34
Xin Baojun presented eight major gifts to those who struggled for one year. Including New Year's wishes to go to high-rises, free car inspection X safety insurance, Chinese New Year red envelope answers, New Year's lucky draw, special discounts, Chinese New Year red envelope rain, etc., and the event time will run through the Spring Festival holiday.

China Automotive News Network At this time of the year, the country will stage an annual giant system "People on the Road". Last year, the number of participants was close to 3 billion, and this year is expected to be even higher, that is, the "Spring Festival". In this world's largest human migration, all participants have only one wish: to cross the mountains and rivers at all costs and go home for the New Year.

In recent years, it is difficult to get a ticket for the Spring Festival and road congestion has become a pain point for travellers to return home. In order to be able to return to my warm and accommodating home smoothly, line up to grab tickets, find oxen, carpooling, and even curve transportation, as long as it can be used, all methods are used.

However, there seem to be tens of thousands of ways to return home, but it is far from easy to find a truly reliable one.

How difficult is it to find a reliable "home"?

My colleague at the same table is always Urumqi, and the spring festival every year is a painful but joyful process for him. The air ticket was too expensive, and he didn't grab the train ticket online. He could only buy it from the ox with his teeth, but only bought a hard seat.

You know, from Beijing to Urumqi, it almost spans half of China. The 30-hour drive is not only enough to numb the buttocks, but both feet must be puffy after getting out of the car.

"That's going to go home for the Chinese New Year. My mother has been away for a year, and my only hope is the Spring Festival." This is what Yu said to me before leaving.

Come to think of it, all the grievances and anxieties, because it is getting closer and closer to that long-awaited hug, it doesn't matter.

Mr. Feng is also eager to return home as old as Yu. Although he lives in Datong and has his own car, it only takes about 5 hours to drive back more than 300 kilometers. But he has to wait for his wife to finish the last shift. The most worrying thing is to leave on the day of the holiday.

As you can imagine, for everyone who drifts out, there is nothing better than a smooth return to the home where they started off and a happy reunion dinner with the family. But the bitterness is only understood by those who have experienced it.

Let Xin Baojun pave the way for you this year

In fact, no matter which "road" to choose, there are many travelers who can't wait to go home to celebrate the New Year.

Well, it is also hard to see how hard it is to work hard in big cities. Recently, the new Baojun brand joined dealers across the country to launch a series of "Warm 众彩网" activities during the Spring Festival to help every traveler find a warm and comfortable place. Quick way to go home.

Specifically, this time Xinbaojun presented eight major gifts to the strugglers who drifted away for one year. Including New Year's wishes to go to high-rises, free car inspection X safety insurance, Chinese New Year red envelope answers, New Year's lucky draw, special discounts, Chinese New Year red envelope rain, etc., and the event time will run through the Spring Festival holiday.

Although Xinbaojun is a new brand that has just been established for less than a year, with the influence of SAIC-GM-Wuling and reliable quality reputation, Xinbaojun's original intention is also user-centric, and it is well understood that what Chinese consumers need most is what.

In this "Warm 众彩网" series of activities, Xinbaojun hit the public's pain points and optimized the solution for returning home during the Spring Festival to the greatest extent.

Take "free car inspection X safety insurance" as an example. Xin Baojun understands the meaning of going home is reunion, so the safety on the way home must be the most important.

Then, in order to give each owner and their family the most secure protection, Xinbaojun will provide 13 testing services for free from now until the Spring Festival holiday. It covers refrigeration, brake fluid, batteries, seat belts, tires, front and rear pipes, lights, wipers, air conditioners and other configurations that are very important for daily driving. It is not difficult to see that these testing items are very comprehensive and are not perfunctory.

It is worth mentioning that Xinbaojun also launched a free "security insurance" this time. Before January 31, as long as you click on the BAOJUN APP homepage to apply, you can receive a 60-day safe travel insurance with a sum of up to 100,000 yuan. , Add another guarantee for travel safety.

Not only that, aiming at irritating traffic jams and other problems, Xinbaojun, as a brand with intelligent network connection as its core gene, relies on the advantages of mobile phone networking and cross-border integration, and its products are equipped with smarter, more efficient and more consistent Users use their favorite navigation, entertainment and social functions.

In simple terms, Xinbaojun is to integrate more "habitual scenes" on mobile phones directly into the car's central control screen, so that users have no learning costs and a sense of strangeness.

When you are resting in the service area, the functions of watching movies, microblogging, live streaming, playing games, shopping, singing, etc. supported by the new generation mobile phone and car networking system can pass you boring time and alleviate road fatigue.

At the same time, while driving, users can reply to WeChat by voice, and even grab red envelopes. When someone is prompted to send a WeChat red envelope, simply “voice the red envelope” command and the system will automatically help you complete the red envelope grab operation.

You know, now "grabbing red envelopes" has become the most anticipated entertainment project during Chinese New Year. And if you are driving, you will probably miss "hundreds of millions", but often staring at your mobile phone can easily lead to driving risks. I have to say that this feature of Xin Baojun is really designed into the hearts of young people.

In addition to various "black technologies" urgently needed by young consumers today, intelligent navigation can understand road conditions in advance, avoid congestion, and plan a most common "home way" for you. More importantly, this system also has a real-time location sending function, so that your family who cares about you will always know where you are and how long it will take to get home.

In addition, all the new Baojun models are equipped with a rich L2 driver assistance system. The ultimate goal is to bring each owner to their destination more safely and smoothly. And now the scene of family reunion is a perfect fit with the brand value of Xin Baojun.

It seems that there are tens of thousands of "roads" to go home, and Kaixin Baojun must be one of the most reliable.

Let marketing enter the hearts of the people and become more warm

It can be said that this series of "Warm 众彩网" activities is also an embodiment of the new Baojun brand hopes to take advantage of the Spring Festival trend and use circle marketing to build a higher brand reputation.

Xinbaojun upholds creating a new travel life for users, gains in-depth insights into user life scenarios and real needs, and provides users with a more comfortable and convenient travel experience. In the cold winter, with such warm-hearted services, while further increasing the adhesion between users and brands, it has also affected more potential consumers, making Xinbaojun's products no longer just cold cars, but a Emotional symbols with temperature.

In fact, reviewing the performance of Xinbaojun just ten months since its release, it has not only made bold innovations in product research and development and design concepts. So far, its four models have covered the three hot markets of SUV, MPV and crossover vehicles. Mobile phone networking and cross-border cooperation with Huawei also make its products more competitive and attractive.

At the same time, through the precise control of circle users, Xinbaojun has been actively catering to the demands of young car owners in terms of marketing. Including the previously held Goddess Night event in Chengdu, a fashion place, relying on the new Baojun RC-6, a high-value crossover vehicle, Xinbao Jun also successfully captured a significant proportion of female car owners in the Chinese market, driving them to the circle. Move closer.

I believe that every brand understands that in the current automobile market environment where consumer trends are escalating and stock competition is intensifying, whoever can find the right users and seize their hearts will have a better chance of winning.

Obviously, although Xinbaojun is a new brand, it clearly knows what Chinese consumers really want, and with the profound technical accumulation of SAIC-GM-Wuling and its own bold and innovative spirit, users feel the meaning contained in its inherent genes. temperature.

Even more commendable is that this temperature has also shortened the distance between the new Baojun brand and users. It makes users have a strong emotional resonance from the bottom of their hearts and recognizes that Xinbaojun is a brand that truly considers their immediate interests and is worthy of their trust and consumption, which is of great significance to every car company.

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